Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Leadership Agility® 360

ChangeWise has partnered with Cambria Consulting, a premier human resource consulting firm, to design and host several online assessment instruments based on the research underlying our award-winning book, Leadership Agility.  These instruments provide managers with with a specific, actionable road-map for their next steps in developing the mind-sets and skill-sets needed to become more agile and effective leaders in today’s world of unprecedented change and complexity:

Leadership Agility® 360

This forward-looking instrument assesses an individual’s level of agility in three key leadership contexts: leading organizational change, improving team performance, and engaging in pivotal conversations.

Learn more specifically what the Leadership Agility 360 measures.

If you are interested in a new 360-feedback instrument that can address the skill-set needed for today’s new era of accelerating change and mounting complexity, the Leadership Agility 360 has innovative features that make it worthy of consideration.

If you are an internal HR, OD, or leadership development professional – or a line manager – you should know that ChangeWise provides coaching based on the Leadership Agility 360 as part of is leadership, team, and organization development services.  Contact us if you’d like to tap into our international network of seasoned, certified Leadership Agility 360 coaches.

The Leadership Agility 360 is also available for purchase for $250 per instrument by internal and external leadership coaches certified by ChangeWise.  This price includes a Feedback Report and an Leadership Agility 360 Development Planner, both in PDF format.  Learn more about the coach certification process.

Leadership Agility® 360 — Aggregate Report

Reports for groups of Leadership Agility 360 feedback participants are also available for use by certified coaches, for example, for management teams or groups of high potential managers.  The cost is $1200 for the first aggregate report for a specific group and $500 for each additional aggregate report for subsets of the same group.

Leadership Agility® Bench Strength Assessment™

The set of questions used in the Leadership Agility 360 can also be made available as an online assessment of your leadership bench for succession planning purposes. This version takes the form of a cascading top-down assessment, in which multiple senior executives comparatively assess managers at the next level(s). When combined with data on past performance; critical skills assessment; and technical, functional or business experience and acumen, this assessment provides a snapshot of the distribution of Experts, Achievers and Catalysts on your leadership bench and identifies where talent gaps need to be addressed. This service is priced according to the complexity of the engagement.

For more information about the Leadership Agility Bench Strength Assessment, contact Debbie Whitestone.

Leadership Culture Assessment

We can also work with you to provide an assessment of your organization’s leadership culture.  We can help you identify the current “level of agility” in your leadership culture and recommend action steps that can increase this agility level and that of the organization as a whole.