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ChangeWise Principals have served many companies and organizations in each of the industries listed below. To view clients in an industry, scroll down and click on its + symbol.

"With the help of ChangeWise, we’ve moved to a stage where collaboration has become a part of our culture. The bottom line is that now we’re more agile, extremely profitable, and we have more control over our own destiny. Communication and trust have increased dramatically within my team and the organization as a whole. Employee morale has improved significantly. We have achieved a level of success that otherwise simply would not have been possible without the work we did with ChangeWise."

Marty Ryan, then General Manager, Interactive Data 

"ChangeWise served our company wonderfully by helping take one of our senior teams to the next level in building their organization. Their Leadership Agility approach speaks to the quality of leadership needed today to take on the challenges of speed, complexity and novelty. Leadership Agility invites you to lift your perspective a notch above the fray to make your action timely and powerful."

Jim Dezieck, while Leader in Organizational Effectiveness, Pfizer Biotech

"I had the pleasure of working with ChangeWise in one of my VP of HR positions, working on senior team leadership development. The planning and consulting process was creative, thorough, and helped me to develop further as a leader. I continue to follow their Leadership Agility work and have found it is still extremely relevant in my current work."

Kay Meckes, Director of Organization Development, ImpediMed

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