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What is the Leadership Agility Accelerator?

The Accelerator is a cutting-edge self-assessment and development tool. Based on the research that underlies our award-winning book, Leadership Agility, the Accelerator gives leaders a quick, hands-on, budget-friendly way to jump-start increased agility.

The Accelerator is designed for leaders at all levels who (formally or informally) lead teams and lead projects, however large or small, designed to improve organizational functioning.

More than a self-assessment, the Accelerator also guides leaders in selecting and adopting specific leadership practices that will take their agility to a new level. They will:

  1. Identify what they’re currently trying to accomplish as a leader
  2. Assess their current level of leadership agility
  3. Select 1-2 best practices especially designed to increase their agility
  4. Create a custom-tailored action plan for each practice 

The fee for the Accelerator is $89.95

Great alternative to the Leadership Agility 360, when it's not feasible to use a 360.

Download a brochure on the Accelerator

How do I get approved to use the Accelerator?

To become approved by ChangeWise to use the Leadership Agility Accelerator, you need to complete a "tutorial" that is primarily online, but includes a half-hour private conversation with Bill Joiner, lead author of the Leadership Agility book and creator of the Accelerator. The whole process involves an investment of about 2 hours of your time, moving at whatever pace works best for you.

Tutorial Steps

  1. View Bill Joiner's recorded 30-minute video on the Leadership Agility framework
  2. Read Bill's white paper on Leadership Agility
  3. Complete a complementary test drive of the Accelerator (~30 minutes)
  4. View a webinar on how to work with leaders to create an Action Plan for each chosen practice (~20 minutes)
  5. Become authorized to use the Accelerator by completing a 30-minute personalized orientation with Bill Joiner on Zoom 
  6. Access the Accelerator brochure and the instructions for purchasing the Accelerator for one-on-one or group projects

Tutorial fee

The fee for the entire Tutorial is $99.95. 


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