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What is the Leadership Agility Accelerator 2.0?

The Accelerator is a cutting-edge, blended self-reflection and development process. Leaders use it online but also interact with you as their coach. Based on the research underlying our award-winning book, Leadership Agility, the Accelerator gives leaders a quick, hands-on, budget-friendly way to jump-start increased agility and effectiveness. It is a great alternative to the Leadership Agility 360, when it's not feasible to use a 360.

The self-assessment section covers three leadership contexts: leading organizational change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations. The Accelerator process is designed for leaders at all levels who (formally or informally) lead teams and lead projects, however large or small, intended to improve organizational functioning. It works well with individuals or groups, including leadership development cohorts.

Accelerator 2.0 is an upgraded version with a more robust self-assessment and a number of new elements that mitigate self-bias. Its purpose is to expose leaders to the Leadership Agility framework and create a shared coaching agenda that will help them achieve their most important leadership initiatives. The 2.0 version 

Orientation. Among quite a few new instructions for the orientation is an important bit of expectation-setting: "The purpose of this exercise is to create a powerful, customized coaching agenda for increasing your agility, not to produce an objective assessment of your agility level." 

Accelerator - Phase 1: Your client will fill in the first two sections, "leadership initiatives" and "self-assessment." Then they will pause the instrument. The resultant "interim report" will be considered a "first draft" of the self-assessment. 

Self-Assessment Review Meeting. You and your client will take 30 minutes to review, discuss, and likely tweak their draft assessment. Guidelines for conducting this meeting are provided. 

Accelerator - Phase 2: Your client will go back online and (in most cases) adjust their self-assessment, then select from the Accelerator relevant next-level practices they want to adopt. 

Action Planning Meeting. In the new version, the action-planning for each chosen practice is always completed with the coach. These action plans will serve as a guide for your client and as powerful agenda for your coaching relationship.  

The fee for each Accelerator 2.0 is $99.95. 

Download a brochure on Accelerator 2.0

How do I get certified to use the Accelerator 2.0?

You can become a Certified "Leadership Agility Accelerator Coach" in pretty short order ...

Accelerator 2.0 Tutorial Certification Process

  1. View Bill Joiner's 30-minute video on the Leadership Agility framework.
  2. Read Bill's 8-page white paper on Leadership Agility.
  3. Complete a complementary test drive of the Accelerator.
  4. Read what to do in the three client meetings included in the Accelerator 2.0 process. 
  5. View a 20-minute video on how to create a powerful Action Plan with your client.
  6. Complete a 30-minute personalized virtual consult with Bill Joiner, focused on your first use of the Accelerator.
  7. Facilitate the Accelerator process with one individual or group.
  8. Complete a 30-minute virtual certification review meeting with Bill. 

Register for the Accelerator 2.0 Certification Process

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Along with your ChangeWise certification, you will receive 7 ICF CCEU's.

Once you have made your purchase, you can begin the tutorial at any time. A free test-drive is included.

[If you previously attended a virtual group Tutorial for the original Accelerator, then test-drove and used the Accelerator, go here].