Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Leadership Agility® 360

Actionable Roadmap to New Levels of Leader Effectiveness

What is Leadership Agility?

The pace of change is accelerating In every industry.  Every company’s business environment is becoming more complex and interconnected.  These challenging conditions require leaders who are agile – who have the ability to make wise decisions and take effective action amid complex and rapidly changing conditions.  But what, exactly, is leadership agility?  How do you measure it, and how can you put your leaders on the path to the kind of agility that will make them more effective in today’s turbulent world?

According to the in-depth research underlying our award-winning book, Leadership Agility, agility is not a single competency but rather a vital capacity that can be channeled into everything a leader does.  As leaders become more agile, they become more visionary, more collaborative, more creative, and more proactive in learning from their experience.

The Leadership Agility® 360

The Leadership Agility 360 is a uniquely practical, user friendly, and informative development tool.  It provides feed-back on several dimensions of a manager’s agility in three types of situations central to leadership and organizational effectiveness:  leading organizational change, improving team performance, and engaging in pivotal conversations.

Our research shows that managers progress through a series of predictable, learnable “agility levels” that conform to well-documented stages of personal development:

  • Expert.  These leaders use their technical and functional expertise to make tactical organizational improvements, supervise teams, identify and solve key problems, and sell their solutions to others.
  • Achiever.  These leaders use their managerial skills to set clear organizational objectives, lead strategic change, motivate and orchestrate team performance, and engage in challenging cross-boundary conversations.
  • Catalyst.  The rare leaders who operate at this level are visionaries who can lead transformative change, develop high participation teams, and collaborate with others to develop creative, high-leverage solutions to tough organizational issues.

Developmental Framework Identifies Growth Potential

As leaders grow through these three levels of agility, they evolve from tactical problem-solvers into strategic managers, and then into farsighted, capacity-building leaders, always retaining the skills they gained at previous levels.  Created by ChangeWise in partnership with Cambria Consulting, the Leadership Agility 360 is the only research-based feedback tool that produces a stage-by-stage developmental road map, allowing even executives and top performers to understand how they lead now and how they can grow — in specific, behavioral terms.

Who Uses the Leadership Agility® 360?

The Leadership Agility 360 is especially well-suited for use with executives, senior managers, and high-potential managers, but it is also applicable for any manager who leads a team and has responsibility for making organizational improvements, whether the scale of these improvements is large or small.  Primary applications include feedback and coaching in leadership development programs, developing senior teams and other management groups, and one-on-one coaching engagements.

High Quality Reports Enhance Usability of Feedback

  • Concise data display.  Inspired by Edward Tufte’s innovative work on the visual display of quantitative infor- mation, the Leadership Agility Feedback Report is concise, intuitive, and easy to digest.  As one of our certified coaches put it, “I’ve worked with many feedback reports that are way, way too long. This is the first client and coach-friendly 360 I’ve ever worked with.”
  • Actionable format.  Because feedback is organized into the three action arenas of leading change, improving teams, and conducting pivotal conversations, managers can immediately apply the feedback to actions they take every day.
  • Clear roadmap.  The Leadership Agility 360 Feedback Report displays three qualitatively different behaviors for each item, identifies the behavior seen as most characteristic , and measures how effectively that behavior is performed.  This unique format not only provides a clear picture of the manager’s current state, it also provides a specific, descriptive “roadmap” of the next steps in their leadership development.
  • Aggregate reporting.  Aggregate Leadership Agility 360 Feedback Reports are available for group interventions.

Features and Other Details

  • Completion time.  Total of 24 rated items plus written feedback. Takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • Comparative Rating.  Feedback providers can rate several feedback recipients at a time, making the feedback more accurate and more efficient when multiple individuals have requested feedback from the same people.
  • Validity.  High correlation with independent ratings of leadership performance. No redundancy among items. No race, gender or age-related bias.
  • Norms.  Based on feedback on over 1000 managers provided by over 10,000 senior managers, direct reports, peers, and other stakeholders in roles ranging from midlevel manager to top executive.
  • Translations available.  Available in English, German, French, and Swedish.  Inquire about other translations.
  • Cost.  $250 per feedback recipient.  Includes Feedback Report and Development Planner in PDF format.
  • Administration.  Certification is required. Over 200 coaches worldwide have been trained to administer and interpret the Leadership Agility 360.

Certification training

Click here for information about the Leadership Agility® 360 Certification Workshop, including registration form.