Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Leadership Agility® 360: Features & Benefits

You need a 360-feedback instrument that not only assesses cutting-edge leadership skills, but also has other features that support you and your clients in achieving the outcomes you are both looking for:

  1. Makes the feedback easy to understand and “digest”
  2. Provides a clear, behaviorally specific road map that shows managers what the next steps in their leadership development look like
  3. Helps managers formulate a concrete development plan that gets applied to the leadership initiatives they are already taking and need to take
  4. Makes it easy to administer the instrument and ensure timely completion of feedback

The Leadership Agility 360 is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art feedback and development tool with a number of unique features designed to achieve these outcomes. Here is what leadership coaches and HR professionals are saying about the Leadership Agility 360:

Comprehensive, Coherent, “Elegant” Framework

Coaches say they like the Leadership Agility 360 because, unlike traditional 360s, which often read like a laundry list of behaviors, the 24 leadership practices in the Leadership Agility 360 are part of a well-researched framework that shows how they are all interconnected from an action perspective. For example, the 24 practices are really 8 practices adapted to 3 key contexts: leading change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations.

Highly Actionable, Behaviorally Specific Feedback Report

  • Actionable:  Coaches find that the focus on the three action contexts just mentioned makes it very easy for clients to immediate apply what they learn from the feedback in the initiatives they take every day.
  • Unusually specific:  The Leadership Agility 360 Feedback Report not only provides a snapshot of where clients are in their developmental journey from Expert to Achiever to Catalyst. It also gives them a “road map” of what the next steps in their development look like – in clear, behaviorally specific terms. As one coach says, “This is an instrument designed to get people unstuck and moving forward.”

Formatted to Enhance Understanding and Facilitate Action

In designing the Leadership Agility 360 Feedback Report, we reviewed the reports generated by the leading 360s and found ways to make the format more concise and easier to understand and act on. The current report also reflects substantial input from early users.

  • Condensed Data Display: Results from the instrument’s 24 questions are displayed in a condensed graphic format that draws on new developments in the field of Informatics. Consequently, the report is considerably shorter than most 360 reports, making feedback easier to comprehend and digest.
  • Qualitative Feedback: Managers also receive written comments from raters on their perceived strengths and development needs in each of the three key action areas: leading change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations.
  • Development Planner: The LA360 comes with a Development Planner that managers can use to identify the essential messages and patterns in their Feedback Report. This tool is designed like a funnel, helping the feedback recipient create a behaviorally specific action plan using a “from-to” format designed to accelerate leadership development.
  • Certified Coach Debrief: Managers are never left on their own to sort out their feedback and decide what to do with it. Feedback recipients always debrief their report with a ChangeWise-certified coach who is specially trained not only in the Leadership Agility framework and instrument, but also in how to help managers translate the feedback data into focused, actionable development plans.

Speed and Ease of Administration

  • Comparative Rating™ Option: This optional feature, exclusive with Cambria-designed instruments, is for raters who need to assess more than one person of the same type (e.g., direct reports). Using this format, rating is done on one instrument, assessing each individual on the first question, then going on to the second question, and so on. Research has determined that this approach is both more accurate and faster than rating one person at a time.
  • Efficient, Flexible Input: Average time to assess an individual is 30 minutes. Assessing multiple managers takes longer, of course, but the Comparative Rating option cuts down the time. If necessary, a rater can complete their feedback in more than one sitting.
  • Administrator Portal: Leadership coaches or program administrators can sign in and launch this instrument for any number of participants. They can also go online and monitor the status of assessment completion, then decide when sufficient feedback has been provided to generate a feedback report.
  • Instant Accessibility: With this instrument’s on-demand functionality, anyone wanting to initiate an assessment logs into the system, identifies their feedback providers, and sets the timetable for receiving feedback. The system does the rest. The moment enough feedback has been collected, reports can be generated instantly in PDF format and sent directly to the intended individuals.

Jointly developed by ChangeWise and Cambria Consulting, the Leadership Agility 360 embodies the strengths of both firms: the substantive, innovative thought leadership of award-winning authors, a proven track record in designing and delivering customized assessment tools to corporate clients around the globe, and decades of experience consulting to and coaching leaders.

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