Leadership Agility Workshops


Leadership Agility Change Lab

The Change Lab is a highly interactive, roll-up-your sleeves experience for executives and managers, each person focusing on their own real-life change project.

Through a rich mix of practical learning experiences—small group work, peer coaching, individual reflection, group discussion—you’ll receive specific feedback and coaching, and practice new, more agile ways to frame and lead change.

Currently offered as an in-house virutal workshop over 4 half-days.

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Leadership Agility at the Top

This is an action-oriented workshop designed for a senior team, or an extended senior team. It has two purposes:

  1. To help the team determine the level of agility at which it needs and wants to operate, and put into motion specific action plans to make that happen.

  2. To vet the Leadership Agility framework and way of working for possible use at other levels of the organization.

Currently available as a virtual workshop over 2 half-days.

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Developing High-Performing Teams

Our service options in this domain include two workshops and a customizable consulting process.

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Pivotal Conversations Programs

"Pivotal Conversations" teaches advanced collaboration skills through practice and feedback, using situations identified by participants. It is a customizable process that can range from a half-day workshop to a program that includes three workshops and coaching.

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