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Why Leadership Agility?

It's become increasingly obvious that we live a turbulent global economy that constantly bombards us with change and complexity. In this new era, companies need to be “agile” — able to anticipate and respond rapidly to changing conditions. To succeed, they need to develop a level of agility that matches the pace of change in their business environment. Yet, for the vast majority of companies, full-fledged strategic and operational agility remains more an aspiration than a reality.

A major reason for this continuing “agility gap” is the need to develop leaders with the level of agility demanded by today’s environment. Yet research has shown that only about 10% of leaders have developed this level of agility. It’s no wonder, then, that senior executives around the world say leadership agility is the number one capability needed by today’s leaders.  

What, exactly, is leadership agility? In a nutshell, it’s the ability to lead effectively under conditions of rapid change and mounting complexity. It includes but goes considerably beyond what's commonly known as “agile leadership.” As described in our deeply researched book, Leadership Agility, it makes leaders more strategic, more collaborative, more innovative, and more proactive in learning from experience.

Using our proprietary assessment, coaching, and training methodologies, we help leaders grow into new levels of agility that they apply in leading organizational change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations, thereby creating more agile teams and organizations. We also train and certify leadership and Agile coaches to use these methodologies with their clients.

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And leadership development professionals

Assessments, coaching, workshops, and leadership development programs that boost the agility of leaders, teams and organizations

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Leadership Agility 360 Coach Certification Program

Leadership Agility Coaching Certification Program

Leadership Agility Accelerator Tutorial

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"Leadership Agility 360" Coach Certification Program

4 virtual half-days,10am-2pm US eastern time

40 ICF CCEU's + ChangeWise certificate

In this program, you will learn the details of the Leadership Agility framework and how it is used in the Leadership Agility 360. Using this instrument, you will be able to generate extremely useful feedback for your clients on their level of leadership agility in three specific contexts: leading organizational change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations. By learning our proprietary action-planning methodology, you'll be able to work with your clients to create a powerful coaching agenda capturing the specific behavioral and mindset shifts they want to make.

Designed expressly for today's turbulent environment, this thoroughly validated, research-based 360 is one of the world’s most innovative and relevant 360-feedback instruments.

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"Leadership Agility Coaching" Certification Program

Three modules, weekly sessions

40 ICF CEU's + ChangeWise certificate 

This program is for experienced Agile or leadership coaches who want to learn the "secret sauce" of Leadership Agility Coaching. Emerging from this program, you'll be able to identify a leader's current agility level and provide coaching that not only increases their day-to-day leadership effectiveness, but also facilitates development into their next level of context-setting, stakeholder, creative, and self-leadership agility.

Over the course of a few months in a diverse, supportive learning community, drawing on recorded inputs, case studies, group discussion, lively breakout exercises, and repeated practice and feedback, you'll come away having integrated this sophisticated methodology into your coaching practice.

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Leadership Agility Accelerator 2.0

7 ICF CEU's + ChangeWise certificate

"The Accelerator process is a coach's dream. I love everything about it. It helps leaders gain new realizations about themselves, picture new behaviors, and leverage new mindsets that make it easier to put them into action." - Catherine Thomson, Senior Coach & Managing Partner, The Houston Exchange

The Leadership Agility Accelerator 2.0 is the latest, most robust version of our coach-assisted self-reflection and development process. It provides a quick, hands-on, budget-friendly way to create a powerful coaching agenda that will increase a leader's agility and effectiveness. Useful for one-on-one and group engagements.

More than a self-assessment, the Accelerator process also guides leaders in selecting specific, research-based leadership practices that will stretch them to their next level of agility. You then assist your client in customizing their chosen practices using a powerful action-plan template. 

Learn more about Accelerator 2.0 and the short tutorial for becoming certified to use it.

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