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Already authorized to use the Accelerator 1.0?

The Leadership Agility Accelerator 1.0 was in use from 2018-22. If you attended a Tutorial for that version, took it for a test-drive, and used it with one or more clients, you're on the right web page. You can do a somewhat streamlined version of the 2.0 certification tutorial.

This is not you? In that case, please take this route.

How is the Accelerator 2.0 different?

As with the original Accelerator, the 2.0 version is based on the research underlying our award-winning book, Leadership Agility. It still gives leaders a quick, hands-on, budget-friendly way to jump-start increased agility and effectiveness. And, as before, the 2.0 version is designed for leaders at all levels who (formally or informally) lead teams and lead projects, however large or small, intended to improve organizational functioning. It can still be used with both individuals and groups.

What's new about the Accelerator 2.0? For starters, it has an expanded set of self-assessment questions. Instead of 6, there are 12, four for each action arena (pivotal conversations, leading teams, and leading change). Within each arena are 4 questions, each related to each of the four types of agility in the Leadership Agility Compass (context-setting, stakeholder, creative and self-leadership agility).

Most importantly, the process you use with your client has been upgraded in a number of ways to help ensure the accuracy of the self-assessment. In the old version, there were basically three steps: Orient your client, have them complete the Accelerator, and meet with them to complete their action plan templates. The new version has a number of upgrades, including more touch-points between client and coach:

  1. Orientation.  There are a number of new instructions to provide in the orientation session. Among these is an important bit of expectation-setting: "The purpose of this exercise is not to produce an objective assessment of your agility level, but rather to create a powerful, customized coaching agenda for increasing your agility."
  2. Accelerator - Phase 1:  Your client will fill in the "leadership initiatives" and "self-assessment" sections, then pause the instrument. This will be considered at "first draft" of the self-assessment.
  3. Self-Assessment Review Meeting. You and your client will review, discuss, and likely tweak their interim assessment using questions we will provide.
  4. Accelerator - Phase 2:  Your client will go back online and (in most cases) adjust their self-assessment, then select relevant next-level practices they want to adopt.
  5. Action Planning Meeting. In the new version, clients must work with their coach to create an action plan for each chosen practice. These action plans will serve as a powerful agenda for your coaching relationship. 

The Accelerator remains a great alternative to the Leadership Agility 360, when it's not feasible to use a 360.

The fee for the Accelerator 2.0 is $99.95. 

Download a brochure on Accelerator 2.0

Modified Certification Process for Accelerator 1.0 Users

The earlier version of the Accelerator required only an authorization. The Accelerator 2.0, which has more coach/client touch-points, requires a more robust tutorial and a certification. However, because you attended the original Tutorial or took the Accelerator test-drive and used the tool, you are eligible to use the modified certification process described below, which costs less and takes less time. Here are the steps of the Accelerator process and how you can modify them based on your previous experience: 

  1. Video and white paper on the Leadership Agility framework. Skip, unless you want a refresher.
  2. Test drive. Just read the new questions in the self-assessment section, log into the new instrument using the Accelerator free test-drive code provided within the online tutorial.
  3. Accelerator process steps. Read thoroughly: Detailed instructions for using the Accelerator 2.0 with individuals and groups. 
  4. Video on how to create an Action Plan with your client. View unless you attended the Leadership Agility 360 Workshop or the Accelerator 1.0 Tutorial, or unless you want a refresher.
  5. Personalized video consult, a 30-minute with Bill Joiner, focused on your understanding of the Accelerator 2.0 process and on your intended first use.
  6. Receive a brochure on Accelerator 2.0 to share with leaders, as well as instructions for purchasing.
  7. Facilitate the Accelerator 2.0 process with one individual or group.
  8. Virtual Certification Review, a 30-minute call with Bill Joiner.

Reduced Certification Fee for this Modified Process

The fee for this modified certification process is $395.95 (a $100 discount on the price paid by Accelerator newbies). 

We have applied for ICF Continuing Education Units for those who complete this tutorial.

Register for the Modified Accelerator 2.0 Certification Process

If you have attended an Accelerator 1.0 tutorial and have test-driven and used that tool, click on the icon below to purchase and begin your modified Accelerator 2.0 tutorial and certification process.

Once you have made your purchase, you can begin the tutorial at any time. A free test-drive of the 2.0 version is included.