Benefits of Using the Leadership Agility 360

Case Studies and Results

How has the Leadership Agility 360 been used and what have been the results?

Read real-life examples about how the Leadership Agility 360 has benefitted leadership coaches, Agilists, and leadership development professionals and the leaders they serve. These case studies are organized into three areas ...

  • Developing leadership cohorts and management teams into agile leaders. See case studies
    • Developing Executives to Lead in the VUCA Environment¬†
    • Developing an Executive Group into an Agile, System-wide Leadership Team
    • Creating¬†an Agile Leadership Culture in an AI unit¬†

  • Transforming individual "Achiever" leaders into "Catalysts."¬† See case studies¬†
    • Opening the Door to helping a CEO Transform his Business
    • Bringing a High-Potential Leader to¬†a new Level of Agility
    • Aiding a Technology¬†Leader in Transforming Organizational Culture

  • Transforming individual¬†"Expert" leaders into "Achievers."¬† See case studies¬†
    • The Leader who Blamed his Colleagues
    • The Leader who didn't have Time for Strategic Thinking