Leadership Agility Change Lab 

Change and complexity are everywhere

How effective is your organization in responding to these conditions?

Your organization’s agility—its ability to respond effectively to change and complexity—hinges on the agility of your leaders. 

Research has shown that a staggering percentage of organizational change efforts fail to achieve the desired results. Why?

It’s because the change-management skill-sets of the recent past are no longer sufficient for a new era of unprecedented turbulence.  Simply put, the great majority of leaders aren’t as agile as they need to be.

Through our in-depth research, building on decades of work with   leaders, we’ve discovered the new mindsets and skill-sets needed for sustained success in today’s complex, rapidly changing world.

The good news is that, given the proper learning environment, any manager can begin using a more agile approach and start improving change project results right away.

Three levels of leadership agility

The Leadership Agility Change Lab is based on our award-winning book, Leadership Agility, which has been called “a breakthrough in thinking about leadership competencies” and the “new gold standard in the leadership field.”

In the Change Lab, you’ll learn and gain experience with three “levels of agility” for leading change:

  • Expert: Leading incremental changes by utilizing your authority and expertise
  • Achiever: Leading by motivating others and gaining buy-in to achieve strategic change objectives.
  • Catalyst: Developing your organization’s agility and leadership culture, to sustain high-performance in an unpredictable environment

The Change Lab experience

The Leadership Agility Change Lab is currently offered as 4 half-day action learning program for managers and executives—a highly interactive, roll-up-your sleeves experience, focused on your own real-life change project.

Through a rich mix of practical learning experiences—small group work, peer coaching, individual reflection, group discussion—you’ll receive specific feedback and coaching, and practice new, more agile ways to frame and lead change.

Working with the Leadership Agility Compass

In the Change Lab you’ll learn a practical and illuminating tool to use when leading change—the Leadership Agility Compass. Leading change in today’s world requires four types of leadership agility:

  • With context-setting agility you can frame your change initiatives with greater clarity and, when needed, with greater breadth and depth
  • With stakeholder agility you can put yourself more fully in the shoes of your stakeholders and create greater stakeholder alignment
  • With creative agility you can get to the root causes of the problems your initiative needs to solve and generate more creative solutions
  • With self-leadership agility you can consciously use your change initiatives to accelerate your growth as a leader


You’ll emerge from the Change Lab with:

  • A multifaceted action plan for your change initiative
  • An individualized plan for adopting a more agile mindset and practicing more agile leadership behavior

Participant feedback

“Excellent!  The Leadership Agility Change Lab is one of the best leadership training workshops I’ve ever experienced.”

“I learned the diverse skill-set, awareness and sensitivities needed for really effective leadership.”

“One of the most valuable things about the workshop was understanding the Leadership Agility Compass and how to use it.”

“This is the best workshop I’ve attended in the past three years!”

“The ‘context-setting’ exercise transformed how I framed my whole change initiative.”

“The facilitators were very knowledgeable, clear, astute, and timely in their comments.”

“I loved the practical exercises for creative agility.”

“I learned new skills I can use in pivotal conversations.”

“I learned the power that comes from self-leadership.”

“One of the most valuable parts of the Change Lab is the one-on-one peer coaching with other participants.”

"I learned how my 'power style' influences the flow of a meeting, and how I can step back and reframe to make them more effective.”

“This workshop was much more productive than other professional training experiences. It was very useful and is likely to have more potent and lasting outcomes.”

“Use of my own change initiative throughout the workshop made everything relevant, saved time, and will help me move quickly to apply what I’ve learned in the real world.”

“The emphasis on reflective action will help me continue to apply what I learned in the workshop.”

“I will apply what I’ve learned more so than with previous workshops. Why? Because there is a valuable model underlying this workshop, and the workshop is designed in a way that really engaged me with this model.”

“What I valued most about the Change Lab was the ‘team spirit’ we came away with.”

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