Leadership Agility Coaching Options


Coaching Programs for Leadership Development

ChangeWise has decades of experience providing coaching to executives and managers to increase their agility and effectiveness in leading organizational change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations.

In addition to providing targeted, one-on-one coaching engagements (see below), we also partner with client organizations to design and manage coaching interventions that increase the agility levels of executives, high potentials, and whole leadership cultures. In this work, we become trusted allies, who assist leaders in meeting their immediate challenges, while developing the leadership capabilities they need for the longer term.

These coaching engagements often draw upon a growing international network of senior Leadership Agility coaches, trained and certified in the Leadership Agility 360 and in the art of facilitating growth into new levels of leadership agility. 

Many of our coaching engagements make use of our Leadership Agility 360. For engagements that reach below the executive ranks, we sometimes use our Leadership Agility Accelerator, our online self-assessment and action-planning tool to create coaching agendas. 

Options for 1-on-1 Coaching Engagements

Our Principals and Associates also provide dedicated one-on-one coaching engagements of varying lengths. The most common format is to begin by creating a coaching agenda using the Leadership Agility 360. This feedback process culminates in an Action Plan that captures, in a powerful way, the leadership practices the client wants to tackle.

Coaching packages are available in varying lengths. The most common is a process using the Leadership Agility 360, followed by 6 months of coaching, with hourly sessions approximately every other week. Clients can also choose the "Leadership Agility Jump Start," which begins with the Leadership Agility 360 or the Accelerator, followed by 2 months of coaching.

Let's Talk about Leadership Agility Coaching

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