Benefits Leadership Agility Coaching

Case Studies and Results

How has Leadership Agility Coaching been used and what have been the results?

Read real-life case examples of how Leadership Agility Coaching has benefitted leadership coaches, Agilists, leadership development professionals, and the leaders they serve. These case studies are organized into three areas ...

  • Transforming individual "Achiever" leaders into "Catalysts."  See case studies 
    • Opening the Door to helping a CEO Transform his Business
    • Bringing a High-Potential Leader to a new Level of Agility
    • Aiding a Technology Leader in Transforming Organizational Culture

  • Transforming individual "Expert" leaders into "Achievers."  See case studies 
    • The Leader who Blamed his Colleagues
    • The Leader who didn't have Time for Strategic Thinking
    • The Leader who tried to Solve Problems on his own

  • Developing leadership cohorts and management teams into agile leaders. See case studies
    • Developing an Executive Group into an Agile, System-wide Leadership Team
    • Creating an Agile Leadership Culture in an AI unit 
    • Developing Executives to Lead in the VUCA Environment