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The Leadership Agility Coaching Certification Program

[Please note: This is not the Leadership Agility 360 Certification Workshop. For information on that workshop, click here].

Why Leadership Agility Coaching?

Now more than ever, organizations that expect to be successful need a more agile form of leadership. 

Our in-depth original research on leadership agility¬†has resulted in what is simultaneously a practical road-map for developing agile leaders and the most up-to-date¬†‚Äúvertical development‚ÄĚ framework available. As leaders grow, they evolve through ‚Äúlevels of agility‚ÄĚ that correspond to well-established stages of adult development. As leaders develop through these levels, they become more agile: more strategic, collaborative, and creative, and more proactive in learning from their experience - not only in relationship to those who report into them, but in all their working relationships.

Leadership Agility¬ģ Coaching is a highly interactive online program for experienced coaches. Through self-paced video learning, lively breakout exercises, and group discussion, you will learn how to integrate this sophisticated¬†vertical development methodology into your practice.

For case studies illustrating the benefits of Leadership Agility Coaching, go here.

How many continuing ed credits can I earn?

International Coach Federation (ICF) CCEUs: 40


The next Leadership Agility Coaching Program will run from September 19, 2024 - February 6, 2025. 

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This program includes three modules, each with its own set of group sessions. Each module is a prerequisite for the one after it. All group sessions are on Thursdays.

Foundation Module ‚Äď The Leadership Agility Lens

2 sessions, 10am-12:30pm US Eastern Time

  • Sept. 19, 2024 - Leadership Agility Model¬†¬†Discuss the Leadership Agility model, participate in a robust conceptual/experiential ‚Äúdeep dive‚ÄĚ exercise on agility levels, and discuss implications for coaching.
  • Sept. 26¬†- Diagnosing Agility Level & Power Style¬†¬†Group exercise diagnosing clients‚Äô ‚Äúagility levels‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúpower styles‚ÄĚ using anonymous examples, how to use the Power Style Profile.

Methods Module

Pre-Work for Methods Module: Content-rich mini-webinars and brief reflection questions in a workbook (about 1-hr. prep for each group session)

7 Group Sessions, including an Orientation Session, all 10am-12:30pm US Eastern Time

[Although we encourage those who enroll to attend throughout, inevitably a few people will miss a few sessions. Know that we have developed a make-up process that allows you gain the value from and get credit for a few missed sessions].

  • Oct. 10¬†- Introduction to Leadership Agility Coaching & Creating a Coaching Agenda¬†¬†Learn our proprietary methodology for creating a powerful coaching agenda.
  • Oct. 17¬†- Working with ‚ÄúLevels of Reflective Action‚Ä̬†¬†Of all ingredients in the ‚Äúsecret sauce‚ÄĚ of Leadership Agility Coaching, working with ‚Äúlevels of reflective action‚ÄĚ is the most high-leverage. Large group discussions and break-out exercises on how to do this.
  • Oct. 24¬†- Stakeholder Agility‚ÄĒExpert to Achiever¬†¬†Discussion of a real-life instructor case, but mostly coaching and feedback exercises working on this shift.
  • Oct. 31¬†- Stakeholder Agility‚ÄĒAchiever to Catalyst¬†¬†Discussion of a real-life instructor case, but mostly coaching and feedback exercises working on this shift.
  • Nov. 7¬†- Context-Setting Agility¬†¬†How to use specific questions to help leaders shift their context-setting from Expert to Achiever and then to Catalyst, when leading change or improving team performance. Coaching exercises and feedback.
  • Nov. 14¬†- Creative Agility¬†¬†How to help leaders shift from Expert to Achiever and then to Catalyst in creative and analytical problem-solving. Coaching exercises and feedback using real-life teaching cases.
  • Nov. 21¬†- Self-Leadership Agility¬†¬†How to facilitate self-leadership agility. Preparation for the Coaching Clinic.

Coaching Clinic Module:  6 sessions, all 10am-noon US Eastern Time

December 5 & 12, January 2, 9, 16 & 23

Participants each bring ‚Äúlearning cases‚ÄĚ using a simple, 2-page template. Receive in-depth feedback and get ideas for how to use the Leadership Agility framework in challenging coaching situations.

February 6 - Capstone session: 10am-1pm US Eastern Time

Program faculty

Each session in the Foundations and Methods modules will be co-facilitated by Bill Joiner. He also provides the pre-work content you’ll learn in preparation for each group session in these two modules. For each session, Bill will be joined by his partner, Debra Whitestone, and, in alternation, one two guest faculty: Ady Dike, based in London, and Rafael Garcia Monroy, based in Barcelona.

Both Bill and Debra have decades-long backgrounds as leadership coaches and organization development consultants, as well as doctorates from Harvard University. They have taught this program, in a variety of formats, many times. Ady and Rafael are both very experienced, well-rounded coaches and graduates of this program. They have been specially trained for their role as co-leaders.

We look forward to being with you!

What leadership and Agile coaches are saying

"This has been an awesome experience. Working with the Leadership Agility Compass, the leadership agility levels and the three 'action arenas' has added a new precision to my coaching."

"This program has been incredibly exciting. I already knew how to ask powerful questions. But now I know how to tailor them to my client's agility level, and I learned new questions and methods that are agility-level-specific."

"I had an amazing experience connecting with phenomenal coaches around the world. (Yes, it is possible to feel connected in a virtual space!). I highly recommend this program to coaches who want to help clients to up-level their ability to lead transformative change."

"Bill Joiner has done an outstanding job melding years of adult development research with his own original research, and developing a digestible framework that will deepen anyone's leadership capacities. Kudos to Debbie Whitestone and Bill for designing and facilitating such an effective program! It was a real source of energy and positivity."

"This was an extraordinary experience. The Leadership Agility framework layers in so well with other approaches I work with, like resilience and emotional intelligence."

"I feel very enthused. Learning the central importance of reflective action and how to work with a leader's "power style" broadened my perspective on coaching and made me more effective."

"This was a very special experience. Really amazing. I've looked forward to each session. Among other things, I got fantastic feedback on my coaching. It felt stretching yet safe.‚ÄĚ


The price for the Leadership Agility Coaching Certification Program is $3195.

Early bird discounts

You will receive discounts on the regular price in the following amounts, when you make your payment by the end of each date below:

July 19... $400 off (net price = $2795)

August 2 ... $300 off (net price = $2895)

August 23 ... $200 off (net price = $2995)

Extra discount

Those who register simultaneously for this program and the Leadership Agility 360 Program will receive an additional discount on the two programs, in addition to any early-bird discounting described above. You can read about the 360 program here.

Additional Option for Payment

If you cannot pay the full amount upfront, we will work with you to create a no-interest payment plan.

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