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The unique features of the Leadership Agility 360 make it perhaps the world’s most relevant and actionable 360-feedback process for today’s era. This scientifically validated instrument is based on the 5 years of research underlying the award-winning Leadership Agility book. The instrument assesses a manager’s leadership agility level in three key action arenas: leading organizational change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations. The process used to orient clients and debrief the feedback fosters psychological safety and results in a powerful coaching agenda that helps leaders adopt new leadership practices supported by needed mindset shifts.

Who is the Leadership Agility 360 for?

  • experienced leadership coaches
  • Agilists who work with leaders
  • Leadership development professionals, who want to incorporate a proven approach to developing Leadership Agility¬†into their programming

The instrument itself was designed with executives and high-potentials very much in mind. But it has been extensively and successfully used with managers at all organizational levels, provided they lead teams (including informal ones) and have some responsibility for leading organizational improvement projects of any size.

How do I know this 360 is for me or my organization?

Certification in the Leadership Agility 360 process is for you, if you want something that:

  • Focuses on the kind of leadership needed to lead organizational change, lead teams, and navigate pivotal conversation in today‚Äôs volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.
  • Is user-friendly and aspirational, and has a concise, engaging feedback report that identifies strengths as well as needs for improvement, factors that help ensure psychological safety, opening leaders to feedback and generating internal motivation to change.
  • Provides a behaviorally-specific road-map that¬†guides leaders¬†to their next level of agility.
  • Provides a Development Planner with an action-plan template that helps in creating a shared coaching agenda, one that not only captures your client‚Äôs desired behavioral changes, but also identifies shifts in mindset needed to¬†support new behaviors.
  • Has a great track-record for use with groups as well as individuals.
  • Gives you something fresh and new to further differentiate yourself as a coach.

Just above the registration form at the end of this webpage is a link to a brochure that goes into more detail about what makes this 360 so user-friendly and actionable.

How can the Leadership Agility 360 benefit me and my clients?

For case studies that capture Leadership Agility 360 results with leaders and groups of leaders, go here.


The Leadership Agility 360 tool is available in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Canadian French, Spanish and Portuguese.


This certification program has three phases:

  1. Pre-work for the workshop
  2. The virtual Leadership Agility 360 Workshop (four half-days)
  3. Application: Using the 360 process with two people, followed by a 1-hour review call

Two certifications: Which is right for me? 

The companion program for the Leadership Agility 360 Certification Program is our virtual Leadership Agility Coaching Certification Program. Once you've used this 360 to create a coaching agenda with a client, it's very helpful to know the specific coaching methods needed to help Experts become Achievers and Achievers become Catalysts. 

Because they form a larger whole, we strongly recommend taking both programs. However, this is not a requirement, and, if you take them at separate times, you can take them in either order. That said, you will get the greatest benefit if you register for both. As a bit of encouragement to do so, you will receive a $200 discount when you register simultaneously for both programs. You can look at our Coaching Program here.


Spring 2024 workshop

The next Leadership Agility 360 Certification Workshop will be held virtually across four half-days (10am-2pm US eastern time): 

  • April 24
  • April 25
  • April 29
  • April 30¬†

Fall 2024 workshop

If the April workshop dates don't work for you, you can register for the September 30-October 3 workshop here.

How many ICF continuing ed credits can I earn?

The full Leadership Agility¬†360¬†Certification Program has been approved by the International Coach Federation for¬†40¬†CCEU‚Äôs¬†(Continuing Coach Education Units) ‚Äď divided between Core Competencies and Resource Development.

Completion of the full program, including certification review call, also earns you a ChangeWise certification as a "Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach."

Who has attended this program?

Coaches and leadership development professionals have attended this program from all over the US and from Athens, Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Helsinki, Istanbul, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Montreal, Mumbai, Munich, Ottawa, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Trondheim, Vienna, and Warsaw.

Workshop Outline

Dates and times for our next 360 workshop:

Session One - April 24: (4 hours) 7:00-11:00 am US PT / 10:00am - 2:00 pm US ET / 4:00-8:00 pm CET

  • Get introduced to your fellow participants
  • Learn the nuances of the Leadership Agility framework at a practical level via a stimulating, interactive group exercise
  • Come away with answers to any remaining¬†questions about this framework¬†

Session Two - April 25: (4 hours) 7:00-11:00 am US PT / 10:00am - 2:00 pm US ET / 4:00-8:00 pm CET

  • Learn how the three leadership "arenas" in the framework and instrument are related to "leadership initiatives"
  • Come away with an understanding of the Leadership Agility 360 process and how it generates insight and commitment
  • Learn how to work with the written feedback in each leadership¬†arena
  • Via breakout work, gain a detailed understanding of how the Achiever and Catalyst approaches to Pivotal Conversations differ¬†
  • Also via breakouts, learn how to debrief the quantitative page on Pivotal Conversations¬†

Session Three - April 29: (4 hours) 7:00-11:00 am US PT / 10:00am - 2:00 pm US ET / 4:00-8:00 pm CET

Via breakout work and large group discussion:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of how the Achiever and Catalyst approaches to Team Leadership differ¬†
  • Learn how to debrief the quantitative page on¬†Leading Teams
  • Cain a detailed understanding of how the Achiever and Catalyst approaches to¬†Leading Organizational Change¬†differ¬†
  • Learn how to debrief the quantitative page on Leading Organizational Change

Session Four - April 30: (4 hours) 7:00-11:00 am US PT / 10:00am - 2:00 pm US ET / 4:00-8:00 pm CET

  • Learn how to complete the Debrief Meeting and¬†how¬†to conduct the Action Planning Meeting
  • Form peer certification teams for ongoing support in completing two "deliveries" to gain your certification¬†
  • Identify two people you'd like to invite to use this 360¬†and how you will approach them
  • Learn how to use the Leadership Agility 360 with groups
  • Learn about the Support Portal, a "just-in-time" online manual with detailed instructions for all steps in the 360 process
  • Learn about additional resources you can tap¬†
  • Participate in a visualization¬†that will help integrate your learnings and propel you forward

Workshop Leaders

The Leadership Agility¬ģ 360 Certification Workshop is led by¬†Bill Joiner, lead author of¬†the Leadership Agility book, global thought-leader and co-developer of the Leadership Agility¬†360, and by ChangeWise principal,¬†Debra Whitestone, co-developer of this 360.¬†(See ChangeWise Principals).¬†


The fee for the overall Leadership Agility 360 Certification Program is $2195 US

This fee covers the workshop, access to an ongoing support group, and a personalized review of your first two client debriefs. Bonus: Your first Leadership Agility 360 is included in the fee, a $250 value.

You will also receive the following materials: A Development Planner for clients to use, a Debrief Workbook for yourself, the Technical Manual (summarizing validation testing, etc.), and a number of useful marketing materials. Following the workshop, you will have access to the "Leadership Agility 360 Alumni Library and Support Portal." The Library includes all pre-work videos and readings. The Support Portal section provides ongoing access to a detailed, just-in-time manual with materials for all steps of the 360 process. 

Early birds

You will receive the following discounts for registrations made by end of day on: 

March 22: $200 off (final fee = $1995)

April 5: $100 off (final fee = $2095) 

April 12: $50 off (final fee = $2145)

Special Discount

When you register simultaneously for both programs, you will receive an additional $100 discount on each program. You can learn about the Coaching Program here.

Price of the Leadership Agility 360

Purchase price for the Leadership Agility 360 is $250 US. As noted above, your first 360 will be free.


Download an in-depth brochure on this 360

Apply to Attend the Workshop

Please complete this form and click Submit. This will take you to a page describing next steps. If the April workshop dates don't work for you, you can register for the September 30-October 3 workshop here.